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Zenji 96.90 FM radio is the first private radio station in the Tanzanian Isles, i.e. Zanzibar. It was officially launched on the 8th July 2005 after it went on transmission and extensive programs research, programming and recruiting process of one month from 31st May 2005. It was officially granted the operational license by Zanzibar Broadcasting Association on the 1st of July 2005.

Zenji Fm radio the leading Fm Radio in Zanzibar according to the Steadman report (now is Synovate) 2006/2007, 2007/2008, 2008/2009, 2009/2010 and 2010/2011

It started its broadcasting operations at Mikunguni area for two consecutive years, and then moved to Mombasa area in Zanzibar, in its own building, Zanzibar about ten minutes drive from city centre, and five minutes drive from the airport

The station is owned and managed by Zanzibar Media Corporation Limited of Post Office Box 4144, Zanzibar. A private company that was registered and licensed not only to run the radio station but also licensed to conduct the Annual Zanzibar Music Awards.

The company as well owns the weekly Newspaper known as Nipe Habari” but we are also aiming in a near future to start a tabloid on the way to start a daily newspaper and in future, a television station.

The objectives of the station are to Educate, Inform and Entertain with the most recent technology, numerous and reliable sources of data to produce credible programs and a team work in the modern and conducive working environment.


Zenji 96.9 MHz – “Sauti Ya Pwani”

P.O.Box 4144, Zanzibar Tanzania Tel & Fax +255 (0) 24 223 0053 e:[email protected]

Zenji 96.8 FM radio has its catch phrase “Sauti Ya Pwani” which means “The voice of the coast”. It broadcasts for 24 hours, 7 days a week.

We have well-researched and tailored programs to meet different ages and ethnic groups and at large, we have grasped the hearts and minds of youth of ages 15 years to adults of up to 45 years and above.

At the beginning we had an English bulletins News, twice a day, but after the management sit and discussed the need of listeners we decided to remove the English news bulletins and remain with the only triple Swahili news bulletins in a day.

We have programs that identify or address particular issues such as weekly Women and Development show, Children Panorama, Youth and Development, Your Health and daily sports, educational, entertainment programs that are well researched and presented.

We are now linking with world major broadcaster, i.e. Radio Deutsche Welle, in News programs.

The aims here is rather to learn from them on best news and features presentation, extract information from the rest of the world and make that information available our areas and more to bring about media relationship between our radio station and other media as we all work towards accomplishing a common end, to inform.

Zenji 96.8 Fm radio has a coverage of eleven (11) Regions in Tanzania, which are the five (5) Regions of the Isles and six (6) Regions of the mainland, which are:- Dar-es-Salaam,Pwani, Tanga, Morogoro and Kilimanjaro (Same District in), Lindi and Mtwara

We also aim at expanding further our coverage to all major cities of Tanzania, in a very near future.

For Reliable and Credible Informative, Educative and Entertaining Programs, Stay Tuned to Zenji 96.9 FM and we remain, SAUTI YA PWANI!!!

Zenji 96.9 FM

"Sauti ya Pwani"

Programs Synopsis.

Week days Programs.

Program: - Nyota Njema

Time: 06:00hrs – 10:00hrs

Target Audience: Business Community/ Decision makers

Language: Swahili

Features: Informative Morning, News, Newspapers,

Weather, sports, music, hot topic from newspapers.

About the Program: This program basically targets the business community and decision makers, people who go to work, listen to the radio before the leave their homes, as well as in their cars on their way to their work places.

The music plays is basically the most found Zanzibari Music, Taarab ranging from Ancient to Modern Taarab, which sets minds ready for the day's tasks and the language used is Swahili.

Program: - Zenji mid Morning Mix- Naksh Naksh za Pwan

Time: 10:00am – 14:00Pm

Target Audience: Homemakers and people who are self employed with shops and Kiosks, barbershops and salons, small business communities.

Language: Swahili

Features: Greetings (Call in and Sms), Topic on self-development, Historical features and Zanzibari Culture and events and music.

About the Program: This program targets people who try to make it through life, through personal initiatives and self-development with small investments, Hawker shops, House wives and house girls etc. Among other things, this program also talks about how to start a business and getting loans, especially to women.

Music played are Taarab-coastal music, which initiates self-dependence and development, struggling towards poverty eradication and equality in the community.

Program: - Deutsche Welle News Bulleting

Time: 13:00hrs – 13:30hrs

Target Audience: All community

Language: Swahili

Features: Worldwide news and Current Affairs.

Program: - The Crush

Time: 14:00hrs – 16:00hrs

Target Audience: The Youth

Language: Swahili

Features: Latest information on the world of music and entertainment, call in sessions and interviews with various local artists.

About the Program: The program as stated targets the youth and talks about the world Hip Hop and Rn'B, the youngsters’ favourite. It has information on entertainment and showbiz and has a segment of "If they could, why can't we?" whereby listeners (youth) call in and discuss on various means of getting out of bad habits and engage in good ones.

Music played ranges from Zenji Flava-Zanzibari Swahili rap songs, Bongo Flava (Swahili youngster’s songs from Tanzania Mainland) to western Hip Hop and Rn'B and all over the world

Program: - Mwangaza wa Habari

Time: 16:00hrs -17:00hrs

Target Audience: Elderly Community- Decision makers

Language: Swahili

Features: Hard News from all around the world, sports news from all around the world, News Papers and Books/reports/documentaries

About the Program: This is an informative program in the evening that’s covers worldwide news and then news papers perusal. Beside Current affairs, news and newspapers, the program has a twenty-five minutes session of discussion or talking about a book or documentary or a report and will go hand in hand with the interview with authors, etc

Music played is mixed depending on the direction of the news.

News Bulleting: - Zenji News- Swahili

Time: 17:00hrs- 17:15hrs

Language: Swahili

Program: - Jicho la Zenj

Time: 17:15hrs – 18:00hrs

Language: Kiswahili.

Features: Educates, Entertains and refreshing listeners after a long day of working activities

About the Program: This program covers various Infotainment programs, such as SALAM KWA NJIA YA SIMU, where listeners call in and convey their regards to each other, this is normally on Mondays and Thursday s. On Tuesdays this program carries an informative program known as SAUTI YA MPIGA KURA, where voters convey their concerns directly to their Representative or Member of Parliament. On Wednsdays this program carries an informative program on GOOD GOVERNANCE called HABA NA HABA prepared by BBC SWAHILI SERVICE and on Fridays carries a program called SANAA NA MSANII, Whereby it covers the ancient Taarab artists’ biography and his/her artworks. All those programs are audience participatory i.e. Listeners calls in and text in SMS for the views.

Program: - Deutsche Welle News Bulleting

Time: - 18:00hrs-19:00hrs.

Target Audience: All community

Language: Swahili

Features: Worldwide news and Current Affairs.

Program: - Michezo na Burudani.

Time: 19:00hrs – 20.00hrs

Target Audience: Mixed Community

Features: Sports news.

About the Programs: This show will be highlighting sports update and will cover the entire whole world and finally highlight local sports. This will include all sorts of sports and games

Program: - Afrika Moto (African Beats)

Time: 20.05hrs – 20:45hrs

Target Audience: Zanzibari and Foreigners

Language: Swahili

Features: Music and information about music and artists mainly from Africa, DRC, Tanzania, etc famously known as Bolingo. In addition, African Zouk and Charanga are also played during this program.

About the Program: This program talks and promotes African music from the west and at home. This program conducts interviews with local bands artists during the show and call in sessions from listeners to select songs of their choice during the program.

Program: - Bongo brain

Time: 21:00hrs – 23:00hrs

Target Audience: Tanzanians

Language: Swahili

Features: Music information hardly our new talent artists here in Tanzania

Program :- Mzunguko wa Habari

Time: 23:00 hrs – 00:00 Hrs

Target Audience: Tanzanians

Language: Kiswahili

Features: (News real update) All day current news features and sports updates.

Program: - Usiku wa Mahaba.

Time: 00:00pm – 02:00am

Target Audience: Grown ups

Language: Swahili and English Translated

Features: Calls and Sms sessions, topics on relationships, letters, goodnight wishes and music.

About the Program: The program basically is on pillow talk, i.e. things young grown up would discuss with their peers at a perfect time when it’s quite. This show encourages better and healthy relationship among the grow-ups

Music played includes slow music and instrumental.

Program: - Hakulaliki

Time: 02:00hrs – 06:00hrs

Target Audience: People of mainly night shifts

Language: Swahili

Features: Music selection, greetings through call to greet each other and Sms and hot music from all over the world.

About the Program: This program is for recalling back daytime activities and awakening each other of listeners to get prepared for the next morning’s responsibilities mainly by conveying greetings and select songs they wish to listen to.

Music played will be general.

Kindly Note:

On Friday:

Program: Zenji Flava night

Time: 19.30hrs – 22:00hrs

Target Audience: Young people

Language: Swahili

Features: Playing and promote music from young Zanzibar artists, interviews, call in and Sms sessions.

About the Program: This program is mainly to promote Zanzibari young artists by playing their songs exclusively and interviewing the artists. This show is also mainly to promote

our weekly concerts with the artist. We have shows every Sunday with the Artists to promote them and their music at a local discothèque in Zanzibar.

Music Played, Exclusive Zenji Flava!

On Saturday:

Program: Matukio ya wiki

Time: 07:15hrs – 08:00hrs

Target Audience: All community.

Language: Swahili

About the Program: This program revise on what went on for the hall week and if they have had missed our news or some other issues they will hear on this day and time mentioned. We rebroadcast on the important news item and events.

Program: - Tabibu (Health)

Time: 08:00hrs –09:30hrs

Target Audience: All Community.

Language: Swahili.

Features: Having the Doctor in the studio, playing music or having the health topic.

About the Program: This program educates and informs listeners’ on different types of disease. And the ways of prevention it or cure. There is an invited Doctor/ specialist as a guest presenter, as well as gives an opportunity to listeners to participate by sending SMS.

For Reliable and Credible Informative, Educative and Entertaining Programs, Stay Tuned to Zenji 96.9 FM and we remain, SAUTI YA PWANI!!!

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